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Little things are important!     

A small change can make a big difference…and improve your part's performance & longevity.

We'll look at what the rubber is in contact with & what may attack it (ozone, oils, abrasion, chemicals, temperature).           Then we'll look at how to improve it.                 

Design improvements can:

  • improve abrasion resistance & prolong service life            
  • improve ozone resistance & reduce the effect of aging            
  • increase vibration isolation & reduce equipment noise caused by excessive vibration          
  • absorb or deflect energy            
  • increase the elasticity (stretch & rebound)            
  • change the coefficient of friction (the Grip or Slip)            

GB Rubber Supply can help with the design & composition.                            

Important facts about rubber…                           

  1. Higher operating temperatures often coincide with increased chemical attack on the rubber.
  2. Hard rubber generally has better chemical resistance than soft rubber.
  3. Every type of rubber is available in different grades - ranging from moderate to outstanding performance.
  4. Every grade varies in chemical resistance. Performance & longevity depend on the ingredients.

Compounds are custom formulated to suit the performance requirements of your part.         

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